Our Quality Policy

To be leaders in the market with continual strive for achieving customer satisfaction by complying to the process, developing the capability to provide services to meet the changing needs and expectations of the customers.

Our Quality Objectives

We mainly focus on the following needs:

  • Meet committed delivery schedules.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Add  value in our primary services.
  • To create an organised, strong, progressive, popular and recognized organisation which holds national interest while providing solutions/service to all type of Industries.
  • To represent all industries in an organised manner and to address their causes and problems to the concerned authorities.
  • To motivate to increase productivity.
  • To guide/ service to new entrepreneurs and assist them in overcoming their problems.
  • ​To educate and to create awareness of new management systems and technological upgradation.
  • To create a sense of national character among the entrepreneurs.
  • ​We ensure your organisation to achieve positive results that smoothen your operations and reduce botheration on administrative aspects.
  • ​Our services in your business solutions which reduce the burden of the Management which can bring you to a level of certainty that is unparalleled. Your requirements are met within the time limits and provide high quality, greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business, you will definitely experience with confidence, you further shift investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to help your most valuable resource to achieve its full potential with over years of combined experience.

Zero Defect Consultants is committed to:

  • Overseeing the creation of the Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Communicating the importance of meeting requirements including Customer, Legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Establishing the quality policy and the quality objectives.
  • Communicating with parties responsible for product and service quality.
  • Providing adequate resources for the operation of the QMS.
  • Reviewing the operation of the QMS.